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He’d meant to do this sooner.  The state of his belongings back on Starscream’s base had been bothering him for a long time.  Had he locked his two storage rooms properly before he left?  If so- what if someone had figured out the combinations?  It made his wing-tips twitch with fear to think about returning only to find everything gone.

And so he was back.  Creeping into the base after sundown, stalking down the hallway towards his hoard.  Red optics squinted in the dark at the keypad as one sharp talon pecked out the correct numbers.  The lock made a soft beeping sound and cycled the door open. Dirge entered, spark fluttering with anticipation.

What he found made him hiss in surprise.  The entire room was different.  For one, he could see the floor.  His piles were all organized into neat stacks and little storage spaces.  The berth shined like it has just been cleaned.  Dirge blinked, open-mouthed at it all- his processor running a scan on the items, matching them up to an inventory list in his head.

….And then vented a sigh.  Everything was still there.  Nothing was missing.  But who had broken in?  And why if not to steal something?

 Sunstorm stopped.

The room to dirges room was open. It usually was locked and as far as the yellow clone knew.. no one knew the combination to the said lock. As for Sunstorm himself.. he had been in that room any times since Dirge had left. Not because he knew the code but because he knew how to hack the lock. Why he hacked the lock? Well.. there was many reasons. 

Slowly the suck up clone walked to the door and peeked in from the crack.. But as soon as he saw who it was he pulled the door open with a bright smile. ”You came back, Dirge.” he greeted his wings perking up.

Anonymous whispered: I don't know if you know this, but a semi-TFP sex/hookup blog is using your drawing of Sunstorm in one of their "it's your choice" link. I'm not sure if the owner of that blog asked your permission to use that picture, so I just wanted to make sure you know it was being used (if it is being used without your permission).

((I am not aware nor is m consent been asked. I don’t mind if they credited me thought. what is their tumblr name?))

((found it, thank you for letting me know))

Visiting the Creators


Cryogen smiled and nodded, her own antlers twitching happily. “You have my blessing,” She smiled at them. “Shockwave, I am glad you finally found someone to put up with you.”

"More like I put up with him," He muttered, giving TC’s servo a squeeze.

Thundercracker smirked at this and continued to hold Shockwaves servo tightly. He could get upset from his lovers comment but he would let it slide for now. After all he was at his creators home and if he wanted to keep being with Shockwave.. he might need to be in good relationship with his creators.  No wait. Why wouldn’t they be? Thundercracker was pretty sweet jet! Anyone’s creators should be proud of their creations who got someone like him!


"Wha- Skywarp, please, calm down." The shuttle’s hands raised in a sign of surrender, blue optics wide and confused. He had expected some confusion, perhaps a bit of panic, as the gauntlet was not supposed to have activated. He hadn’t expected the skittish clone to be pointing weapons at him. 

"Please, settle down. you were aiding me in an experiment, remember? Testing that glove. I need to see if the accidental jump had any adverse effects on your systems." 

 Help..? An Autobot shuttle?! Oh that was a rich lie if he would ever recognize one! 

"Just coz I’m a bit simple doesn’t mean I’m completely stupid! Now bag the slag up!" Skywarp yelled backing up a bit. His back hit the wall and with his hand he searched the door way and he continued to back up. "I’m gonna slag the scrap out of you if you gonna come near me again! Got that!?" he swore before turned around and ran for his life. He couldn’t warp. First reason being that if he warped blindly he could warp himself in a rock and as his own mass can’t come in to an other mass it would kill him. Second reason being that for some reason his warping engine was heated and needed to cool down…. speaking of.. This didn’t look like Decepticon base.. W-where was he..? 

(Source: gojetron)

TC: Is that a compliment or…?

Date Night with Ramjet


Thrust furrowed his browplates, feeling slightly offended by Ramjet’s words. “But we haven’t even star—” Oh, right. He almost forgot who he was talking to. “Ah yes! I’m sure it’s going to be a really fun night for the both of us. I’ve got everything planned,” he said with a grin. Envious optics travelled down the seeker’s frame. Thrust had never seen Ramjet this shiny before.

"You look good," the maroon seeker said as he took a step closer. "And you smell really nice, too." Perhaps a little too nice. 

A slight, awkward pause. Thrust wasn’t sure why he was feeling so nervous. Granted, this was their first date but it’s not like he hadn’t been around Ramjet before. They’d built forts, pelted the other clones with training pellets, made out and did some really silly things together. So how different could tonight be?

"So we’re ready," Thrust said, before reaching for the remote control to activate a bridge to their location. Upon reaching the end of the vortex, Ramjet would find himself surrounded by a forest of tall, ancient trees and the sound of water falling and crashing into the rocks nearby. It was dark, but they could easily make their way through the rain forest with thermal vision.

"Might have to walk a little before we can start flying." Slowly, as they’re walking, Thrust reached out to interlock his digits with Ramjet’s. "Stay close to me, okay? You don’t know this place as well as I do."  

 The white jets face lit up and he made a small whirl on his heels. “You like? It do a lot of clean ups! I’m always this sparkly.” he explained quite energetically. Smell thought? Had Sunstorm put a scent on him? Well if Thrust liked it Ramjet didn’t mind it.  

Then there was a pause. The liar tilted his helm lightly to the side waiting the envious one to go on. He had everything planned, right? He had not planned on anything so he was counting on the red clone on everything they would be doing tonight. And as someone who had an adventitious spark he was embracing the feeling of not knowing.. He was curious and excited.

 For the rather rhetorical question he only gave an node before followed his date trough the portal and then right in to.. forest. He could remember his last encounter with trees and how his wings had gotten tangled up on the branches. Upon this memory, his wings almost automatically lowered mid way in protective manner. But then he felt the hand on his own.. He looked down at the two hands, now entangled with each others. His vision then traveled up and to Thrusts back.. He had not been nervous at all. Excited.. but not nervous. So why did his spark made extra bumps of energy now? It didn’t feel bad thought.. In fact.. it made him smile softly before squeezing the others hand lightly.

"…I don’t trust you.. I won’t follow." he would still keep his wings lowered thought.. Just in case.


Skyfire was frowning, watching the data scroll across the screen and adjusting things here and there. He, too, noticed the suddenly increasing energy drain. Before he could say anything the mech was already going after the yellow wire, but then the computer let out a shrill beep and Skywarp was teleported out.

He reappeared an instant later, at least quashing the sudden terror in Skyfire’s spark for the moment. Wasting no time he reached over to rip out the yellow wire. The computer behind him let out another beep, informing him that the connection to the glove had been severed. Without the computer the glove would shut off automatically.

"Skywarp! Are you alright?"

 Skywarp gazed at the glove at his hand, turned it around and back palm side up. He then slowly raised his other hand to pull himself free from it. Then.. his attention turned to Skyfire. Now that made him jump up quickly and raise his arms up, weapons exposed and pointing at the shuttle. “Not cool Fire-aft! Whatever your crazy head is aiming now.. it’s not cool!” he said in rather loud voice his optics narrowing slightly. “What did you do?! Is this some sort of— Actually where am I? Let me out right now!” he demanded still highly tensed and ready to bust some holes in the white flyer. 

(Source: gojetron)

RP list

TC & Shockwave  visiting Shockys creators

Warp & Cliff baking a cake

Warp & Skyfire  warping warp

Ramjet & Thrust on date

Sunny & Dirge doing their thing

Sunny & Meggz behind closed door

Ramjet, Sunny and Scream, bugz

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Slipstream. Scream and Arcee

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